Sergeant Kimberly Glanville

Sergeant Glanville has twenty-six years of dedicated service to the Baltimore City Police Department. She joined the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) in 1997 as a police agent and was promoted to Police Sergeant in 2007. During her years of dedicated service, Sergeant Glanville spent most of her career in enforcement and serving the many different communities in Baltimore. During the unrest in 2015, Sergeant Glanville was The Sergeant in Charge of the Community Partnership Division within the BPD and was instrumental in bridging the gap and repairing relationships between the community and the police department.

In 2018, Sergeant Glanville participated in the Policing Inside Out Cohort in Baltimore. In the Policing Inside Out Cohort, she assisted and participated in building relationships and clearer understandings of the roles of the law enforcement officer as it pertains to strengthening community and police relationships. Sergeant Glanville is currently serving in the Southern District in the City of Baltimore.

Sergeant Kimberly W. Glanville has her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Syracuse University. During her senior year, she studied abroad in London, England.  While in London, she had an internship where she was assigned the tasks of working with the Moroccan community living near the neighborhood of Kensington.