Gail Rubin Dallas

Gail Rubin Dallas is a professional development subject and skills trainer and facilitator.  She is also a group dialogue facilitator, conflict coach and certified mediator. Gail has extensive training in dialogue facilitation and is gratified helping people communicate about complex or sensitive topics.  For several years, Gail has been facilitating programs on subjects including identifying and managing implicit biases and recognizing and responding to antisemitism and racism. These programs serve first responders, school faculty and staff, students, and community members. 

In 2018, Gail became the Project Coordinator for Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s Managing Implicit Bias for Law Enforcement training program and worked closely with the Chicago Police Department to launch and administer this program for its entire department. By the program’s completion in 2021, over 11,500 police officers with the City of Chicago had been trained.

Gail has continued to train thousands of law enforcement officers in multiple jurisdictions in her work as a facilitator for the ADL. In addition to identifying and managing implicit biases, she trains law enforcement officers on topics of violent extremism, hate crimes and inclusive policing.

Gail has a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.