Dr. Laura L. Kunard

Dr. Laura Kunard has been working with police agencies for over 20 years and is an experienced researcher, project manager, and police trainer. She serves as a Senior Fellow at CNA, where she works on a variety of U.S. Department of Justice initiatives. She has focused on police training and education throughout her career, training thousands of officers in academy, in-service, and higher education settings and developing national training curricula on community policing, procedural justice, and crisis intervention teams. She has also delivered training on impartial policing and de-escalation. Dr. Kunard earned her Ph.D. in Criminology and her M.A. in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois at Chicago; she earned her B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from Northwestern University. She currently serves on the Independent Monitoring Teams overseeing court approved settlement agreements in Albuquerque and Chicago.