Philip Deitch

Philip Deitch has worked as a diversity facilitator since he created a program in middle school.  He has been a national and local trainer in a broad range of programs from kindergarten through adult work and religious communities.  This has included a variety of programs for police officers.  Philip has been the facilitator of two different mixed-races, mixed-religious dialogue groups that have been meeting monthly, one since 1994 and the other one since 1997.  He has served in leadership position for dozens of community programs including being the Co-Chair for the United States Attorney’s Hate Crimes Task Force for the Eastern District of Missouri and Southern District of Illinois. This work focused on bringing together law enforcement, judicial, and community groups.  

Philip was the Diversity Chairperson for STL250, the St. Louis, Missouri region’s 250th birthday celebration.  He is also a graduate of and life member of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Citizens Academy and the FBI Citizens Academy.  Philip was a hospital administrator for 20 years including at Walter Reed Medical Center along with certification as a hospital chaplain.  He now works as a financial advisor.